Combat Strike Game

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Combat Strike HTML5

Combat Strike

Combat Strike

Combat Strike is a shooting combat game between two playing teams. The game is presented in the first perspective with many players inspired by Counter Strike.
There are 2 teams (green and red) fighting in a large space combining buildings and rooms … and you can play a very fierce match.
There are 8 maps to get the best shooting experience ever. Game mode is ranked to get ranked and get more money, there are two game modes: custom game mode to create your own game with rules for your friends and single player mode to play offline with monsters.
You do not need to buy any weapons because you can find all of them during the battle. Lots of weapons like machine guns or knives, you will find your favorite weapon. Use a combination of weapons to kill enemies quickly and effectively.
Excellent tactical motion system with console-like shooting experience
Team up with friends to kill enemies in team mode,
Beautiful graphical interface combined with perfect attack and high quality optimization for everyone to experience interesting.
You can log in to participate in matches or not, logging in will help you save the battle results and share with your friends.
Each match has a number of enemies and different terrain, you need to have tactics and use the right weapons to destroy all enemies. On the screen will appear a miniature map to let you know where the enemy is gathered and you will quickly find them as well as protect you.
Each game will have a certain time, you need to destroy lots of enemies before time runs out. The team that has more people killed than that hill will lose.
The number of exterminated people is shown by the number in the middle of the top of the screen. At the end of the match, the team with the most kills will win

How to play Combat Strike

Combat Strike is played through the following keys: WASD = move, Mouse = aim / shoot, 1-2 = select gun, Shift = sprint, C = crouch, F = grab gun, T = chat