Cookie clicker Game

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Cookie clicker HTML5

Cookie clicker

Cookie clicker

Cookie Clicker is a fun game about baking cookies. As one of the two Javascript games when Orteil was released on August 10, 2013, until now this game has been loved by many people. At this game you will be a baker, your first cake has no users and is not yet known, but you do a lot and take away for everyone. At that time many people will know about your cake. This game will allow you to play for an indefinite period of time – or at least until you bake such a huge number of cookies, your device will no longer be able to count.

By touching a giant cookie you will bake a lot of cookies, press the faster, the more you bake. When you have enough biscuits, go to the store and use them to buy upgrades to bake even faster. Upgrades will help you to automatically baked cakes with more times. At that time, you will bake a lot of cake and you use the puzzle wheel again to upgrade. With hundreds of upgrades and achievements to unlock, especially the game continues while your phone is closed, so you can set up your ideal bakery and continue later to reap the profits. You can login to Facebook to play with your friends and compare your Cookie scores in the rankings. This game is free to play and very simple to play, so you can play it anytime, anywhere.

How to play Cookie clicker game?

Cookie Clicker has a very simple way to play, you just need to click on the big left cake to bake small cakes, and click on the upgrades as well as buy and sell cakes. Is one of the interesting games at our website and it has been loved and played regularly. Wish you happy gaming.