Cookie Crush Game

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Cookie Crush HTML5

Cookie Crush

Cookie Crush

Cookie Crush is a simple but extremely fun game. Your task is to achieve the goals set by the game by forming a row of 3 identical pie placed adjacent to each other.
When created from 3 identical balls in a horizontal or vertical row, they will disappear. The cakes are very vivid and colorful.
The first is very simple cakes with blue or pink along with mannequins. When you make a row of 3 or more dummies of the same color, they will disappear and form a bigger cake, then you will receive a corresponding score. The more you stack, the bigger the cake. The bigger the cake, the bigger the cake. Score lots of points to complete the goal and unlock the next level.
There are many levels, each with a milestone to achieve to unlock. Each higher level, the number of points to achieve will also be higher. At the same time, in each level there is a limit to the number of moves your cake, if you use all but still have not reached the required point, you will lose. Then you play it again at that level.
There is a good play strategy to achieve high scores and to top in the player rankings when you play online or you can also download to play when there is no internet connection.
This game is very easy to play so it is suitable for all ages, you can play anytime, in any match with any compatible device.
The game has been loved by many people, including adults and children, because it gives them great entertainment and helps them kill time quickly.

How to play Cookie Crush

Cookie Crush is controlled via left mouse button. Hold down the left mouse button to move the cake horizontally or vertically with the cakes adjacent to it.