Crazy Flasher Game

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Crazy Flasher HTML5

Crazy Flasher

Crazy Flasher 

Crazy Flasher – King of the death match is on a mission to become the ultimate street warrior. You can play story mode or death match to earn money to buy new weapons. Be amazed with the initial stunts that this game offers. In this fighting game, you will beat anyone and anything you meet on the way!
A true threat of enemies is waiting for your deadly attention. Robots, thugs, police and Babes. They all want your part, and howling boy, they will get it!
Come back to the streets of Japan and become a crazy fighter! Punch, kick, and fight with your pal to protect your land from graffiti and be determined to fight crime! You’ve got karate with assorted guns and melee weapons. Jump in the middle of the enemy and take the first hit! One of the best Flash fighting games ever.
The ripped gunman is incompatible with your ripped gun. Running out of cash and you can’t fight anymore, but defeat them and get rich before that happens.
Andy Law is back and is hesitant to earn some serious money when defeating all his opponents in this bloody tournament fighting game. Use your winnings to buy the many weapons you’ll need when your opponent gets harder.

How to play Crazy Flasher 

Use a variety of weapons and vehicles to fight your way through this top-view shooter.
WASD moves B to attack or pick up weapon N to jump M to use Special Spacebar to switch weapons
ASWD to Move
B to Attack
N to Jump
M for Special Attack
Space to choose weapon
Put on your green outfit in Crazy Flasher and make a few kicks. Make money while kicking some ass in this super cool game.