Crazy Shooters 2 Game

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Crazy Shooters 2 HTML5

Crazy Shooters 2

Crazy Shooters 2

Crazy Shooters 2 is a very attractive shooting action game. This is the second part of the famous Crazy Shooters shooter. In this game you have total control over how you play with friends or players around the world. You can install the game about sound … and choose the match that you will participate in. Then you are taken to a large space, including very high walls, boxes, … In this you have to fight alone with many people, all of which are professional shooters. You will move to nooks and crannies, search for opponents to destroy him, before he destroys you. In the game there will be a maximum of 16 players, along with lots of weapons. The number of friends granted is limited, so you need to use it properly to destroy all enemies.

They can shoot and kill you at any time, so need to look around, you just need a little loophole that the enemy will destroy you from behind or above, where you can not see.
The game allows you to move anywhere, run or backward, left or right, climb to the top floor or jump below.

This game is completely free and the interface of the game is very beautiful with lively sound will bring you extremely interesting experiences.

If you love action games, love to explore challenges, then this game is completely suitable for you, it will take you to many surprises.

There are many levels as well as terrain in this game, you absolutely can explore and conquer them all.

How to play  Crazy Shooters 2 game

Crazy Shooters 2 needs to use a lot of character keys to control:

WASD or arrow keys: move the character

Right mouse button: aim

Left mouse button: shoot

R: reload

Hold shift: run

Space bar: jump

1-9 key: change weapon

T to open chat and enter: send

Tab: open the menu