Crazy Shooters Game

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Crazy Shooters HTML5

Crazy Shooters

Crazy Shooters

Crazy Shooters is an interesting shooter with a first-person perspective, where you have many weapons at your disposal. With this game, you play in a modern army with a group of soldiers equipped with new weapons and your task is to eliminate all enemies. Choose a map and start the battle. At the start, you can choose or create a room, each room has a maximum of 16 player limits, then choose team A or B to join, then you will start the battle in a specific area, each Soldiers are equipped with many advanced weapons, you can even use an RPG to shoot your enemies. The key to taking advantage of this is to try to use the terrain, hide and try to kill more people, but even don don is afraid to rush forward, even if you die, you will revive soon.
You will have 100 HP. If you are attacked by an enemy, your HP will decrease and when your HP drops to 0, you will die. Try to move skillfully and destroy as many opponents as possible. Every time you kill the enemy, your team will have a kill. The duration of each match is 10 minutes. When time is up, the team with the most kills will win. The interesting thing about Crazy Shooters is that you can use up to 9 different weapons to fight, including BallisticKnife, Deagle, MP5KA4, STW. -25, M87T, Blaser R93, RPG, M79 and M67.

How to play Crazy Shooters

- WASD or arrow keys to move
– Left mouse button to fire
– Right mouse button to aim
– R to reload
– Space to jump
– Hold shift to run