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CS portable HTML5

CS portable

CS portable

CS Portable is a first-person action game that can give players an almost similar game experience of Counter Strike. Use your fighting skills to defeat all enemies using your arsenal.
In CS Portable, the first thing that attracts your attention will be the slightly crowded user interface. Jump, squat, move, view, shoot, switch weapons, set bullets, see stats, chat, menus, these buttons will always appear on the screen (but you can hide them). If these are not enough, you can also view radars, life bars and ammunition.
You can play as a terrorist or fight terrorists and have to help your team win the fight. The CS Portable game will include specific tasks for each team. If you are a terrorist team then you must successfully plant and detonate a bomb to win the game. Conversely, if you are an anti-terrorist then you must defeat the enemy team to not let them detonate the bomb. Good luck!
– The first-person 3D shooting game
– B and thematic maps
– A bombing mission
– Great 3D graphics

How to play CS portable

Choose a map and decide between terrorists or counter terrorists before hitting the game area. Upload weapons and bullets and use the mouse and keyboard to control your soldier. Hint: In single player mode, add Bots to speed up the carnage. The first blow kills the enemy faster.
WASD to move
Left click to fire
R to reload
Space bar to jump
Hold F to plant/defuse bombs
B to enter the purchase menu