Cubefield 2 Game

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Cubefield 2 HTML5

Cubefield 2

Cubefield 2

Cubefield 2 is a fun, addictive, arcade style game. It is simple, fast paced, and beautiful graphics. Easy instructions and quick game play make it the perfect online game for players of all ages and skill levels to enjoy.
Cubefield 2 is an online game that works on very basic controls, which means that all players will be able to catch up quickly and enjoy playing the game. You play as a small gray ship in a beautiful graphic world. You must use the left and right arrow keys to steer your ship forward and avoid the colored 3D cubes that pop up on your way. The purpose of Cubefield 2 is to drive your ship as far as possible and score the maximum number of points. If you think this sounds easy, you’re in for a big surprise.
Cubefield 2 starts easily enough, the game starts with your little ship flying freely over the land, the blocks merely forming a column on either side of the road. However, before you know it, endless blocks are cropping your way, preventing you from going any further, and you have to dodge and slide your ship out of the coming obstacles to survive. . The moment you hit a block of color, it was the end of the game, and you had to start all over again.
As you progress further into the game, the more difficult the obstacles become, you will be thrown out by separate colored blocks that merge into your path, and form a surprising cube. . You’ll have to stay focused and keep your reflexes fast to be the champion of Cubefield 2.
Although Cubefield 2 only uses two main controls, it still provides a great gaming effect. As you move left and right, the entire screen tilts with you, providing a great trip effect. The game is extremely simple, but especially addictive. It’s fun, easy and fast, it has all the ingredients you need to get you hooked.

How to play Cubefield 2

Use left and right arrow keys to control