Cubefield Game

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Cubefield HTML5



Cubefield is a simple but addictive game, with only two left and right controls. An exciting and challenging spaceship driving game to test your skills, reactions and concentration. Cubefield has great 3D graphics, great music and compelling, fast-paced gameplay. The goal is simple: you must avoid hitting any color blocks as you pass through the never-ending maze before your eyes.
Fly your spaceship through the dangerous virtual Cubefield, and dodge all the upcoming scattered blocks. This game is absolutely awesome and feels like you can almost touch them. But don’t, don’t touch them, avoid all the cubes to continue.
You have no second chance in this fast-paced game. When you bump into a cube, your spaceship is destroyed on contact. Skillfully navigate your spaceship into the free spaces, and avoid hitting on the game ending the yellow and orange blocks. Good hand-eye coordination and finger speed skills are essential to get a high score in this addictive game. More and more cubes are coming to you, so let’s see how far you can go.
The Cubefield game starts off relatively easily and you might think it is not challenging. This mindset will not last long, but difficulties will become more difficult as you progress. The labyrinth of cubes becomes more complicated, and the speed you move also increases. Are you ready for a real tour between the cubes and try to score the highest score.

How to play Cubefield

- Move left and right with the left and right arrow keys
– Press P to pause