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Cubikill 6 HTML5

Cubikill 6

Cubikill 6

Cubikill 6, this is Rick, he is not happy, because his life is a nightmare. His work is facing many problems, exactly one of his colleagues. His colleague Dave is a prime example of an idiot. The daily mischief and insults at Rick’s address are getting worse day by day. Today, it’s been four years since they worked together, four years full of terror.
Rick is impatient. He was on his way to work, his intention was not to work, but to take revenge. He doesn’t have any weapons, what he can find around is enough for him.
Cubikill 6 brings a simple violent game. It is the office’s aggressive time again when you turn office supplies into weapons, and take revenge on colleagues or destroy everything in your workplace.
Break the glass to catch it and start killing your partner. It’s time to get out and start getting to know anyone who has missed you all the time. You can choose objects that can then launch your victims or will serve to create new weapons to destroy them. Don’t let your anger escape and look for if they do. In addition, you can do jokes like potting in the pot or drawing pictures of your loved ones. Craft knives, forks for cramps, shotguns and thousands of weapons you can find and use against your colleagues. The hunt begins. Enjoy the free Cubikill 6 game, this is one of our bloody games that we have chosen.

How to play Cubikill 6

Use mouse