Cubikill Game

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Cubikill HTML5



Cubikill is a violent game. Cubikill is simple, easy, and helps relieve stress and stress. If you are feeling unhappy, you can play Cubikill to regain your spirits.
The last working day of the week and everything is still very normal. You quickly finish your work so you can return home to rest, because tomorrow is a holiday. But then, something happened, and the boss gave you more work. You must stay longer to complete it. This is unreasonable and unfair because you are not being paid extra.
The pent-up, frustrated climax, you can’t control, you’ve broken your computer. Try to break everything in the office, surpassing the goal set to come to the massacre with office workers. Cubikill is not for children.

How to play Cubikill

- E, I, D to destroy the computer
– Left mouse button to shoot