Cut the Rope 2 Game

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Cut the Rope 2 HTML5

Cut the Rope 2

Cut the Rope 2

Cut The Rope 2 is the sequel to the first game cut in the Cut The Rope series. The game still revolves around the story of helping the protagonist, Om Nom gets his candy but in this part, you will get acquainted with many new characters with colorful colors, we can call it temporarily Normies. These are the key contributors to get the candy for Om Nom.
With the addition of Normies to the game can be considered a creative step of ZeptoLab. You can skim through some Normies like Lick, Blue, Toss or Boo, … Each character has a unique ability and your job is how to use those powers most appropriately to achieve the goal. destination. For example, with Lick, the ability to use the tongue to create a path for the candy, with Blue is the ability to clone,… Surely you would think that with the help of the Normies it would be a lot easier but don’t be fooled by the early levels, they may be very easy but later it will be terribly difficult.
The game will have tricks to help players pass a level. These tricks appear as balloons or bombs. You can get these by paying for them or getting them in the game. Cut the Rope 2 has extremely eye-catching graphics, live sound with over 200 levels, 3 challenges in it, and more than 600 challenges for you to deal with so you can show your ability to solve physics puzzles. mine. It sounds very interesting and fascinating, so join the game right now to enjoy yourself relaxing moments.

How to play Cut the Rope 2

Use the mouse to control this game.