Cut the Rope Game

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Cut the Rope HTML5

Cut the Rope

Cut the Rope

Cut the Rope is a classic physics game in which there are many levels packed in boxes. Each box has 25 levels. The maximum number of stars you can win at each level is 3. Your goal is to feed Om Nom by cutting ropes while collecting stars Levels are mindfully crafted to keep you engaged, to train your logic for discovering new patterns, make connections, and understand the game mechanics. Air cushions, magic hats, bubbles, toys, and many other surprises will entertain you as you advance on upper levels. Om-Nom drawings are hidden, and you will discover them when reaching superior levels.
This sounds easy, but you have to find the physics first, which is not as simple as you think! Work your way through each level and try to keep Om Nom from eating. Be sure to go back and replay each level to try and get three stars in all! Can you collect them all?
Remember that if the player only reaches one required candy, they will only gain one star for the level. To complete the game with 100%, you must reach all three stars.
When cutting, the player must take into account the spin of the wire and how it will fall. They must try and predict the swing and the way it will go. Moreover, time is the key – sometimes, the string must be cut at the right time for it to swing into the stars below.
With extremely eye-catching graphics, vivid sound, and more than 100 different levels, you are spoiled for showing the ability to solve puzzles with this intellectual game – frog eat candy

How to play Cut the Rope

Use the left mouse button to cut strings or interact.