Dark Cut Game

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Dark Cut HTML5

Dark Cut

Dark Cut

Dark Cut is a surgical game in which you use the mouse to incise, stitch, rub, saw, whatever is required to save the patient in each case. These are not games for the faint of heart, both in graphics and gameplay; therefore, they are only recommended for mature audiences.
Play the first part of the gruesome Dark Cut operating game series.
In a battle, Captain Herold has an arrow on his right leg. The army needs him on the battlefield tomorrow. You have to cure his leg as soon as possible with as little pain as possible. As a royal surgeon, you must take care and try to save their lives at all costs even if this means a surgery. Really bloody and horrible jutsu on the leg. Make as few mistakes as possible, otherwise your patients will refrain from losing too much blood.
Dark Cut is a free action game available online on our website. You can play this interesting doctor game in full screen mode with one of the most popular browsers.

How to play Dark Cut

- Use mouse and left and right arrows
– To make a cut, starting from one side of the star line, click the first star and drag across each point. Do not let go of the mouse
– To hit with a hammer, click the mouse button when the white bar reaches the top. You must have time for it to work
– You will lose your life even in some procedures, so don’t worry… sometimes doing it right will cause pain
– To aim at the stake, press the space bar at the right time