Dead Tree Defender Game

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Dead Tree Defender HTML5

Dead Tree Defender

Dead Tree Defender

Dead Tree Defender Game Your enemy is shooting arrows at you first. Play the game of protecting dead trees by using the mouse to move and climb ladders.
Defend the sacred tree in the game from invaders that will try to destroy it. You can move with your character and shoot with arrows. There are two more soldiers with bows and arrows towards you in the game. Aim well and charge the bow before you shoot so the arrow can reach further.
Dead Tree Defender is a great defense game in which you must work to protect your sacred tree from invading creatures! You are equipped with a reliable bow and arrow that you can use to shoot down enemies. The longer you hold it, the faster and further the arrow will go. Become the best archer to beat the high score!
Hordes of powerful armed monsters are attacking your dead tree.
Two team archers will help you defeat them before they take over the penalty area.
Protect your tree with your frantic archery skills!
Choose a role of Dead Tree Defender. Help your teammates protect dead trees, use your reliable bow and arrow against those who want to destroy this tree. Play interesting games.
In Dead Tree Defender, your mission is to protect your Dead Tree by shooting invading monsters with your deadly arrows. You can shoot from platforms from above in dead trees. You can move to other locations too. Accuracy and time are key here! Become the best archer to beat the high score!

How to play Dead Tree Defender

Arrow keys = Walk / Jump / Duck / Leo
Mouse button to aim mouse to download arrow and release.
Hold, drag and release the mouse button to shoot your arrow to score more points.
Use your bow and arrow to protect your tree against invaders. Use the arrow keys to move your character. Click and hold LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to load an arrow. Move the mouse to aim and release fire.