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Dead Zed HTML5

Dead Zed

Dead Zed

Dead Zed is an entertaining shooter with a simple and entertaining gameplay that allows you to kill time by defending your home against a lot of attacking zombies. Protect your farm by shooting down all approaching zombies. Try to survive for 40 days and protect yourself until help is available. Aim at the barrel of the rifle and shoot every zombie in between the eyes. Earn points for quick and accurate shooting, and meet up with the search team.
The structure of the game is built in a chapter style, you have to complete each location and move to new places when you search for a safe haven. Start in a peaceful suburb and move to new locations including exotic farms, an abandoned city, an industrial neighborhood, and so on. The types of zombies will also vary significantly depending on where you go.
Dead Zed offers unlimited shooting angles, 360-degree rotating gun barrel makes the task easy. Besides the game also owns a rich arsenal including handguns, machine guns, crossbows, rifles to counter the types of zombies. Each screen you can only bring two weapons, so think carefully when plunging into the battle of the game.

How to play Dead Zed

- Use your mouse to look and shoot.
– Press the R key to reload.
– Press the 1.2 key to change weapons.
– Press the F key to change shooting mode.
– Press the M key to mute
Each survivor has its own set of skills. Use them wisely when distributing them into parties. Have at least someone with higher fight skills in your search party, this will increase the survival chance of the whole party.