Death Chase Game

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Death Chase HTML5

Death Chase

Death Chase

Death Chase is a very interesting racing game. You are allowed to choose a car you love then join the race with the remaining cars. Each car has a different shape, you can choose trucks, cars … depending on your preferences.
The track is bumpy sections with lots of obstacles, can be the winding road, bridges across a large lake, precarious canyons, very high slopes … all Those things will add interest to you. Obstacles along the way may cause your vehicle and other vehicles to roll over the road.
Your vehicle can move very quickly, fall down and you can adjust the head or tail of the car up or down to make it land safely.
There are many coins on the track, the more you collect, the higher the level will be and help you upgrade the car. To get nitro, you must perform stunts as you collect coins and stars. Finish first by winning other riders, destroying their cars and moving fast.
Find any way to get there, move quickly, accelerate and destroy another vehicle, land safely and don’t touch many objects, don’t let your car sink or get damaged, or explode. You will not take much time, then you will finish the destination earlier than other cars.
This adventure racing game will bring players many interesting experiences, you will be involved in great races, beautiful acrobatics.
Speed ​​racing game combined with adventure suitable for all types of players, you can play this game anywhere, whenever you want.

How to play Death Chase

Death Chase uses the arrow keys or WASD to control your vehicle for it to accelerate or adjust the vehicle up and down. This is a racing game that has been selected at our website. In addition to this game you can also join other interesting games. Wish you will have moments of interesting gaming at the website.