Whack Your Boss Superhero Game

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Whack Your Boss Superhero HTML5

Whack Your Boss Superhero

Whack Your Boss Superhero

Whack Your Boss Superhero is a game that will help you release your stress and anger towards your master by using some super awesome superhero powers! Be creative and find 13 superheroes hidden items around your office space to destroy the target as the boss of the character in the game who is complaining about the employee’s work, the types of killings Various daring of superheroes. The game is just an entertaining way, not to encourage violence in real life.

Don’t forget that you have the power of a superhero so there’s really nothing you can do with your boss in this brutal defeat game. Prepare and super punch your boss for a launch, fire a laser at him and unleash the full power of your superhero on the poor guy. He won even when they moved at the speed of light. Show him what he gets by being very upset and competent and using your office space as a battlefield.
When choosing different items you will have yourself with different powers such as choosing gloves, the power of the employee will increase to beat his boss or choose the jewel of the 7 dragon balls, then immediately Your boss will fly through the building and out of the earth, or when I choose thor’s hammer on a bookshelf, it will take just one shot for your boss. Okay… There are many different killing styles for players to explore and explore in this game.

How to play Whack Your Boss Superhero

You will use the mouse to explore the various items in the cluttered room. When you find them, you just need to click on the item to torture your boss.