Dig to China 2 Game

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Dig to China 2 HTML5

Dig to China 2

Dig to China 2

Dig to China 2 is an interesting free game, very much like Minecraft, where you have to dig to get resources. Switch to Dig to China 2 after you get bored with traditional mining games. It is extremely attractive because you will face great challenges. Do not hesitate and become the first miner here right away.
In Dig to China 2, you are a brave digger, and your only task is to become rich. Choose, hammer and dip into the earth’s intestines, collecting useful and valuable items on your way. Get as many things as possible before time runs out. You can use resources to gain new power and use the clock to gain more time. The deeper you go, the more you will find.
Walk through the center of the Earth, starting right in your backyard to China. Upgrade your excavator and plunge through 13 Earth layers to prove that if you dig deep enough, you will actually make it to the other side at Dig to China 2. And get it back in time for dinner.

How to play Dig to China 2

Use your mouse to aim Diggy’s drill bit and click to drill in that direction. Press E to activate Diggy’s radar and locate hidden objects, then drill into them and pick them up. When Diggy runs out of energy, use the money you earn to buy upgrades for Diggy equipment. Look at the cost and benefits for each upgrade, and buy them strategically. How long will it take you to get to the center?