Dig to China Game

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Dig to China HTML5

Dig to China

Dig to China

Dig to China is a game with a mission to dig before time runs out. Although there are many ways to go to China, Dig to China wants to ask you to do something different. In this game, you have to find your way through a vast, beautiful country. Collect coal, gold, bones, titanium and many other resources along the way. With those resources, you can buy bombs and upgrades that allow you to dig deeper. Dig as deep as possible, just make sure to go to China like a rich man.
This is a 2D game in which the story focuses on a man trying to drill through the Earth’s core and to China. There are no rivals, instead you will race against the clock once on the journey. When you start digging down, try to pick up gold, coal, iron, bones, uranium, titanium and diamonds along the way.
All resources can be traded for future upgrades to help you continue your journey deeper, discover more moles and get better scores. The gameplay in Dig to China is basically similar to other peach games. The mission is to dig as far as possible, and they need to upgrade their equipment using all the materials they can pick up to go further.
If you want to buy time, take advantage of scattered clocks along the way as well as make the most of drills and mole packing to temporarily freeze time. To ease the task, you might consider buying a bomb.
The graphics in Dig to China offer a classic look. Considered one of the top 10 most played math games, Dig to China is guaranteed to give you an enjoyable experience. The game is very simple and easy to catch up, and it has nice graphics and sound.

How to play Dig to China

- Use arrow keys to move
– Use left mouse button to place boom