Dino Run 2 Game

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Dino Run 2 HTML5

Dino Run 2

Dino Run 2

Dino Run 2 is an exciting endless running game in which you have to try and escape the approaching meteor shower and meteors and avoid extinction. The perfect dinosaur game will bring you back to the prehistoric disaster. In Dino Run 2, the thrill of running for your life becomes even more intense. Run, dodge and jump perfectly to escape the deadly monster creature right behind you to swallow you.
Your task in the game Dino Run 2 is to control a pixelated Raptor and you just need to run at all costs to avoid the destructive destruction of meteorites and extinction. As you run, you must collect eggs to help save different species from fate. You also have to try and jump over objects like rocks, trees, hills and water to maintain fast speed and not get stuck. The dinosaurs ranging from pachycephalosaurus to pterodactyls, have the same kart racer abilities and stats and can use different routes and tricks at a level.
The biggest improvements of Dino Run 2 are the variety of dinosaurs and the environment, as well as the variety of levels and physics. Have some unique interactions like subversive rocks to create platforms, or use teeter-totter like rocks to fly into the air to eat some small flying dinosaurs and collect DNA. You can also collect DNA by locating the secret eggs and then spend it to upgrade your dinosaur’s stats.
Each level presents a different challenge and you must try to build points as high as possible. Retro graphics and interesting gameplay – this game show a difference in the classic running game. There is also a multiplayer version of this game, in which you can race against the clock and fight dinosaurs controlled by other players online.

Features of Dino Run 2

- Awesome effects
– Other dinosaurs can be seen along the way, but some may bother you.
Instructions for playing the game Dino Run 2
Using your arrow keys, the up arrow is jump