Dino Shift Game

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Dino Shift HTML5

Dino Shift

Dino Shift

Dino Shift is one of the fun and fun games for gamers of all ages. Game content is the story of a journey to explore the colorful world of mischievous dinosaurs. With simple gameplay, beautiful images and situations in the game built logical and attractive, Dino Shift game promises to bring you many great experiences.
The task of the player in the fun free Dino Shift is to help Dino overcome pitfalls, difficult challenges to complete the trip and return home safely. You transform into a cute little dinosaur, have to run through thirty levels and collect three different color blocks by changing your own color. Each level is like a different puzzle with increasing difficulty. Giant balls, flying flames, underground thorns and monsters are scary traps that you need to avoid and overcome them to reach the exit.
With innate intelligence and ability to judge, quick reflexes, join Dino dinosaur to solve tough puzzles along the way. Start playing the online game Dino Shift now and completely free, overcome all obstacles, enjoy the game and simply have fun.

How to play Dino Shift

Use 4 arrow keys to help Dino move, press the Z, X, C keys in turn to Dinno change color and eat all the monsters. Complete the goal and move on to the next level.