Doctor Acorn Game

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Doctor Acorn HTML5

Doctor Acorn

Doctor Acorn

Doctor Acorn is an exciting adventure game designed with animation and unique awakening situations that will take players on a thrilling and exciting journey. The protagonist of this fascinating game is a pretty special doctor who is on a journey to find medicine to cure the birds, but it is difficult when the journey is full of obstacles and a lot of dangerous pitfalls, and therefore this doctor desperately needs help from the player.
With an ingenious and challenging game style that is quite a new style compared to other famous intellectual games such as Legendary Castle, Doctor Acorn – Doctor Acorn takes players on a journey throughout at a fast pace to more challenging reflexes of the player. Includes a lot of situations corresponding to different challenges and players will have to help Dr. Acorn complete each of these roads. As you progress in the game, you will face new challenges to overcome. Collect points and stars to unlock new levels, you will need to have at least one star to move on to the next level but you can come back later to win the other two stars. You can also hunt the golden eggs hidden in the forest and defeat the angry wild boars on the journey home of the doctor acorns. Let’s start conquering the fun and exciting challenges in the new game of intelligence and or Doctor Acorn, it’s quick to handle the situations and complete each game in a brilliant way.

How to play Doctor Acorn

Coming to this game, players will use their mouse to cut ropes, click buttons, springs and many other things to activate everything. Your goal is to reach the top.