Dolphin Olympics 3 Game

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Dolphin Olympics 3 HTML5

Dolphin Olympics 3

Dolphin Olympics 3

Dolphin Olympics 3 – Take your dolphin into the deep sea. Make it dive and do a few great tricks. Your dolphin must be able to learn these tricks as it will participate in the prestigious Dolphin Olympics.
If you’ve ever liked the previous versions of the Dolphin Olympics, then you’ll love the Dolphin Olympics 3. In this version, you’ll train your dolphin to perform a variety of tricks, then next compete with other Olympics players for silver, bronze and gold trophies.
Friendly dolphin training for the Olympics. Your task is to guide the dolphin as it tries to show its skills in just a few minutes.
Basically, you are a dolphin, in the dolphin Olympics, including a single event: swimming. You collect speed by jumping out of the water and re-enter at a good angle. Finally, you can speed up enough for you to fly into space, which is good because dolphins don’t need oxygen.

How to play Dolphin Olympics 3

Your four arrow keys move the dolphin around and change its attitude in the air. It’s extremely heartless but undeniable satisfaction, once you start riding on the asteroid belt and travel through distant planets.
Once your dolphin has mastered a trick at the training camp, you move on to the round where your dolphin will play off against the other dolphins for a grand prize – 5,000 coins and a gold trophy. wonderful. If your dolphin is not good enough to receive a grand prize, he may receive silver or bronze.
There are a total of 10 tips that your dolphin can learn. Each trick is associated with competing destinations. Therefore, to start training about a new trick, you must first win the gold cup in the previous competition.