Dolphin Olympics 4 Game

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Dolphin Olympics 4 HTML5

Dolphin Olympics 4

Dolphin Olympics 4

Dolphin Olympics 4 – takes you on a magical adventure through galaxies in space! Travel from galaxy to galaxy playing with strange creatures and alien creatures to become the Olympian champion of the universe! Do you think your dolphin has what it takes?
Perform fun in the ocean to win a gold medal! Dive into the water and speed up, then dive your whole body into the air and tumble to score! You can perform corkscrews, twirls, and more in mid-air. Combine the movements together to score a lot of points
It is time to get serious and start practicing the exercises more seriously. The first trick you need to teach your dolphins is to jump out of the water and make a turn. As you learn new tricks, you’ll compete with other coaches and dolphins to earn lavish prizes and trophies.

How to play Dolphin Olympics 4

Unlike the previous version, during the Dolphin 4 Olympics, you have more controls to use and learn
Left arrow – swim left
Right arrow – swim right
Up arrow – swim up to the surface of the water
Down arrow – swim to the floor
A, S, D, W perform stunts
Space bar – jump out of the water
To go to the next competitive destination, you need to win gold medals in each location. Your journey begins in Australia. Win a gold medal to journey to France, China, Miami, Florida and many other beautiful places around the world.
In the dolphin section, you can buy a bigger tank for your dolphins to live and train. The dolphin equipment section allows you to purchase additional equipment to help you train the dolphin to become the Dolphin World Olympics.