Dots and Boxes Game

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Dots and Boxes HTML5

Dots and Boxes

Dots and Boxes

Dots and Boxes is an interesting game inspired by the classic pen and paper grid game. During the time many students spent their break time playing the classic padlock game that you and your friends took turns connecting the dots, trying to create a four-sided square while preventing others. do like that. Now you can relive your school days while training your brain power with Dots and Boxes.
Speaking of gameplay, the main goal of Dots and Boxes is to create boxes to win higher points than the opponent. There is no time limit during game play, all you have to do is keep joining the lines to form the boxes. Users must use the mouse to play the game
In this simple game, the player must score more points to win the game. This is a simple multiplayer game that contains simple AI. Players must use many tricks to score. Red is the color of the user box while blue is the color of the AI ​​(computer). What is the best strategy for successful optimization? What are your competitors thinking? How can you force them to place the third line around a square that lets you fill it in? All these questions and more will go through your mind.
Dots and Boxes is undoubtedly an addictive and intellectual stimulating game with depth beyond the absolute simplicity of this concept. You will not regret playing it.

How to play Dots and Boxes

Use the mouse to play