Double Panda Game

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Double Panda HTML5

Double Panda

Double Panda

Double Panda is a puzzle platform game in which you control two pandas to save their owners and defeat the evil ninjas. Take on the roles of two little pandas as you walk through dangerous forests, helping each other along the way.
The owner of Red and Giant was kidnapped by the ninja. Are you a brave panda to be able to rescue him. Interesting challenge of Double Panda, Neutronized’s new puzzle platform uses the power of teamwork. And if you are a fan of lovely pixel action or The Lost Vikings puzzles with the sophistication of the East, the game will definitely bring the wildest.
The goal in Double Panda is to bring both pandas to the checkered position at the end of each level, collecting desserts along the way. There are many obstacles that are countless ninjas, platforms, lakes, locked doors and levers. Fortunately, each panda has a number of specialized abilities to make the trip easier. Big pandas can defeat the ninja by jumping on their heads, swimming through the lake, pushing blocks around and breaking old blocks by stepping on them. Red pandas can climb on bamboo trunks, pick up keys to unlock doors, operate levers and run along ropes that extend between platforms. Both can jump up and from the other person’s head to speed, and really it is necessary to defeat some enemies.
Double Panda with twenty levels for you to pass. Cute music and graphics provide a relaxing experience. You can play Double Panda to reduce stress before going to bed.

How to play Double Panda

- Use arrow keys to move
– Press space bar to switch panda you are controlling