Down Is Up Game

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Down Is Up HTML5

Down Is Up

Down Is Up

Down is Up is an interesting platform puzzle game in which you explore different areas and use objects to reach the next level.
Down is Up is a great game that defies all the rules of gravity. Your mission At each level in the game Down is Up is to find your way to the gate. Push the box and flip gravity as you try to reach the rotating square in each stage. Exit one side of the screen to enter from the opposite side. The arrow will show you the change of gravity and make your world spin. When you move off the edge of the world, or fall to the floor, you’ll be on the opposite side! Move blocks into place, climb over obstacles and more to gain black magic blocks. When up is down and down is up, then you need to really use your head so you can overcome each challenge. Everything is quite simple in this gravity puzzle platform, where levels surround you in unexpected ways.

How to play the game Down Is Up

Use the arrow keys or WASD to move and jump.
Use A & D or nose on Left & Right to move
Use W or Up to Jump
Use R to Restart
Use Esc to return to the selected level