Dragon Ball Z Dress Up Game

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Dragon Ball Z Dress Up HTML5

Dragon Ball Z Dress Up

Dragon Ball Z Dress Up

Dragon Ball Z Dress Up customize your own, making him as stylish and impressive as possible. If there has been a time of fascination with the dragon ball manga and immersed in the fierce battles of the Songoku monkey, the gamers must know the fighting games with names and characters. In the game is Songoku? But today, please introduce to you a new game with a genre of fashion combined with superhero Xayda hero is the fashion game Dragon Ball Z Dress Up.
You love fashion games but also enjoy this Songoku hero, then try this fun Dragon Ball Z Dress Up fashion game now. First you will have a normal monkey guy for you to unleash creating his hairstyle, clothes and accessories and the magnificent background that comes with him.
Next what you need to do in Songoku fashion style game is similar to other fashion games, please coordinate the costumes and accessories together or create new and unique styles according to your style. Songoku okay. Maybe you will become a professional stylist about fashion for men after playing this game.
Is a good mini game genre but extremely simple design will be shown by you in the game, the thunder image will make you see the appeal when playing this game, the appeal of the game will be Gives these character enthusiasts a very strong feeling.
After selecting the outfit you will be graded and if you feel unsatisfied, you can completely try to play again to achieve a higher score. Join Dragon Ball Z Dress Up now and choose for Songoku guy a beautiful outfit.

How to play Dragon Ball Z Dress Up

Use the left mouse button to play