Dragon Fist 2 Game

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Dragon Fist 2 HTML5

Dragon Fist 2

Dragon Fist 2

Dragon Fist 2 is one of the fighting games or has beautiful martial arts fighting content that will take players into each martial battle very vivid and unique. The game is built according to the theme of the arena with a variety of characters and the unique martial arts techniques that will allow players to unleash the variety of attacks in each vivid battle. Besides, allowing players to perform many customized attacks from combining movement moves with basic attack techniques has contributed to creating a unique transformation in each match. martial.
Dragon Fist 2 is back and this time he brought a powerful weapon with him called “The Dragon Blade”. No one knows where this weapon comes from, but it’s clear that anyone who owns it, will have great power! Certainly, some people want to own the blade. In the game, the ultimate goal of the player is to become the new martial arts champion but to achieve this goal, the player will need to overcome all 10 opponents through each level. It will be really difficult and more challenging fights in the following rounds, the only way that can help players accomplish the main goal is to perfect the coordination of the skills smoothly through each level. Let’s start to show martial arts fighting talent in a good martial arts flash game: Dragon Fist 2, defeat opponents in impressive ways and become the new martial arts champion.

How to play Dragon Fist 2

Defeat 10 opponents or play against a friend. Learn your character’s special moves, and earn extra points with combos (combine attack and directional buttons).
Player 1: WASD = Move, Jump, Block.T = Punch. Y = Kick. T+Y = Special Move. U = Toggle Weapon
Player 2: Arrows = Move, Jump, Block. 4 = Punch. 5 = Kick. 4+5 = Special Move. 6 = Toggle Weapon