Dragon World Game

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Dragon World HTML5

Dragon World

Dragon World

Dragon World is a fighting game between dragons dramatic and interesting. If you’ve ever had a series of secret training to train a dragon, you won’t be able to skip this game.
Dragons from all over the world fought for dominance in the dragon kingdom. Your task in this game is to control a mighty dragon and fight against other dragons. You can customize your dragon with different skins to create creative dragons unlike anyone to bring appeal to players.
Your dragon can fire fierce fireballs and fire breath can crush your opponent according to how you use to create them. You control the dragon and watch them fly around a vast forest, fighting in the air and spewing fire. Learn how to fly, fire and fireballs and become the most feared mythical creature in every room to create epic battles using a combination of different movements. Kill dragons to earn money and buy new dragon skins, upgrade your dragons to become stronger and become an unbeatable warrior in all battles, from which will become the king ruler powerful dragon nation.
The game has a combination of different maps, with 5 exciting game modes and awesome dragon fights creating an interesting and engaging title. Each map is different details, with different dragons, all of them are aggressive and very good fighting ability.
You can engage this game with friends and players from around the world.
This game is completely free for players to play online or download to play.
The game is compatible with most devices such as android, ios, computers … and it is suitable for all audiences.

How to play Dragon World

Dragon World will definitely be a game that brings a lot of fun to players along with the controls:
Arrow / WASD to move
Mouse to aim / attack
Space to fly up
Shift to sprint