Dream Tower Game

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Dream Tower HTML5

Dream Tower

Dream Tower

Dream Tower is a retro-style 3D platform. In it run and jump your way to the top of a mysterious dream tower
Your mission in the Dream Tower game is Run and jump on a rotating tower to Escape and tie your path to the top of a dream tower and collect as many gems as possible. Jump on enemies to kill them and go to the exit. Press left or right to walk, up to jump and click up twice to double jump. Press UP and then DOWN in midair to smash the ground.
Many levels to play through are becoming more and more challenging. If you fall out or die, you will have to start over. Make your way to the top of the tower, jump onto enemies to clear them off the road! If you fall, some progress will be lost but you will not lose your life. Free your friends for extra points.
The game is fun to follow the levels but it’s a relaxing time rather than a challenge. The game keeps things fresh with bonus rounds and repeats play. It seems that someone, who can own it, will have a lot to revisit with time challenges and really great scenes to explore.

Features of Dream Tower

- It allows changing the look and feel of the game.
– It has a huge player base.
– Fun and addictive.
– Provide gaming statistics.
– Allow users to buy games online and download them instantly.
– Tons of users are waiting to challenge you.
– It does not require a large system to run it.

How to play Dream Tower

Use the arrow keys to move and jump.
Use the arrow keys to move.
Press the up arrow twice to jump twice
While jumping, press DOWN in midair to slam the ground or open the cage.