Duck Life: Space Game

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Duck Life: Space HTML5

Duck Life: Space

Duck Life: Space

Duck Life: Space is the sequel to the amazing Duck Life training franchise. As the champion of Duck Racing on Earth, your crown has been stolen by aliens, so you decide to travel to space to claim your prize and look for bigger leagues and challenges. !
Prepare to go to the galaxy in the biggest Duck Life adventure ever! Train on running, flying, swimming, climbing, jumping and wits so you can race around the world to regain the crown! Explore the strange world to find new mini games and wacky duck aliens to race.
Your championship crown has been stolen by aliens and you must grab it! Visit a new world and play many challenging mini games to continue practicing and winning every race. Collect coins to buy new members for your team and become an unstoppable group of sports ducks.
Before you get started, you can customize your duck and choose its color, eyes and paint scheme. As usual, you have to train your ducks in a variety of subjects to improve their statistics.

How to play Duck Life: Space

Use the arrow keys to control Duck. Mouse users to view other areas of the map.
Climb, swim and fly through the galaxy in Ducklife: Space. This starry adventure game allows you to create a magic bird. Choose a cool hat, convenient hairstyle and trendy clothes. Then discover new planets in the universe. Train to improve your duck’s skills!
The more you practice, the faster and faster your duck will be! You also have to remember to feed ducks regularly to keep their stamina and energy full. When you have trained your duck enough, you can join the tournament – you can go to 6 different planets – Earth, Moon, Mars, Hell, Freez and Pyro. Each planet presents a different set of challenges.