Dumb Ways to Die 3 Game

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Dumb Ways to Die 3 HTML5

Dumb Ways to Die 3

Dumb Ways to Die 3

Following the success of Dumb Ways To Die, Metro Trains developer Melbourne has released the third installment of this series called Dumb Ways To Die 3 that promises to bring players a more fun game experience with the part. Content and images have many improvements.
There are no slash or gun battle, but Dumb Ways To Die 3 still attracts a lot of players because if you are not careful, you will witness the world’s most ridiculous and ridiculous deaths. Clumsy pea, is represented by simple but colorful images in this fun funny game.
However, dying is not the goal of the player in the game. Instead, your mission is to help the main cast survive as long as possible. In part 3 of the game the silly death, gamers will be traveling to famous places around the world and try to escape the death slap. The life of the characters in the game depends on your agility. From overcoming traps, escaping dangerous animals to avoiding plunging down steep cliffs, you have to find ways to help the tiny peas from the horrific but funny death.
The town of Dumbville is engulfed in a fire. The tiny beans will have to revive their town by conquering adventurous challenges. Start a silly adventure to help rebuild and keep the Dumbville village safe, travel to the hot desert of Dumbgypt, climb the snow-capped peaks of Dumb Peak and make the journey Discovering the mysterious Dumbtune planet, Dumb Ways to Die 3 is waiting for you with lots of interesting surprises.

How to play Dumb Ways to Die 3

Use the mouse to control the characters in this game to avoid the silliest deaths.