Dumb Ways to Die Game

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Dumb Ways to Die HTML5

Dumb Ways to Die

Dumb Ways to Die

Dumb Ways to Die is a game with weird characters but funny and goofy. In this game, you control how to prevent your character from accidents due to things like bee stings, electric shocks, passing the road unnoticed by a car stab, eating things that you cannot eat…. The taste of the Dumb Ways to Die game is that it is possible to give but note to children and adults how to safely cross the train’s trails when crossing the unstructured roads. way.
Game Dumb Ways to Die has ten characters that each character has but personalities and hobbies and ten years of small screen play. In the game Dumb Ways to Die, you can choose the character, control the character to avoid dangerous things on the way to the end of the screen, quickly hurry to detect dangers from afar to promptly avoid them. lost his life in the game screen. The deeper in the game, the difficulty will increase gradually. Corresponding to that, players will have to improve their reflexes and ability to stop the dumb looking behavior of Dumb characters in the game.
The game will not be too unique in terms of gameplay, but thanks to the special graphics and the slightly hilarious direction, it is still welcomed and selected by many people for entertainment. Impressive night games, especially the delicate messages to the children when participating in traffic. It can be said that Dumb Ways to Die will be a useful fast entertainment game in the spare time, suitable for everyone!

How to play Dumb Ways to Die:

Use the mouse to control the character in his game.