Earn To Die 2 Game

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Earn To Die 2 HTML5

Earn To Die 2

In Earn to die 2 game, players will try to drive through zombie flocks, unlock and upgrade new vehicles to become the most zombie killing machine. Click here to Play game Earn to Die 2 online.

  • Fuel Tank: Increase the capacity of your fuel tank to help you driver further.
  • Armor: Protects your vehicle from damage. Upgrade for further protection.
  • Boost: Mounts a booster to the back of your vehicle. Extra speed on demand.
  • Gun: Shoots down zombies before they can hit your car.
  • Wheels: Better grip, improving your ability to drive uphill.
  • Transmission: Increases the maximum speed at which you can drive.
  • Engine: Accelerate faster and improve fuel efficiency.

How to play Earn to die 2?

Use the arrow keys to control cars

Use X or Ctrl to accelerate Nitro.