Earn to Die 2012 Game

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Earn to Die 2012 HTML5

Earn to Die 2012

Earn to Die 2012

Earn to Die 2012 is a car racing game with a twist. Here, you need to race a car until running out of fuel or broken and also kill the zombies along the way. The more zombies killed and the more distance you travel, the more rewards you’ll earn. Therefore, the main task here is to cover more distance and kill most of the zombies you can.
Smash hordes of zombies as you drive through zombie apocalypse, unlock and upgrade vehicles along the way.
Doomsday zombie here. The undead have invaded the entire town and you must be very hard to survive. Drive your car through the zombie boom, smash and destroy them, earn money to unlock new cars and upgrade its technical capabilities.
Earn to Die 2012 you must use 3 new vehicles to make your way out of the wasteland as quickly as possible. Defeat each of the three stages by upgrading your car, truck or bus and smashing zombies out of the way. It’s time to hit the road, so get your engines going and play now!

How to play Earn to Die 2012

Up arrow – Accelerate arrow

left / right – Tilt
Ctrl or X – Accelerate
Use arrow keys to move the car. Up arrow to accelerate and down for braking.
Space to shoot a bullet from your car.
You don’t need weapons to kill it, you just need to hit them with your car. There are many cars in the garage to choose from but you need to buy it. So, to earn money, you need to kill the zombies and go as far as possible.
Upgrade your vehicle with sharp weapons to cut zombies in half. With the money you find, you can turn a wreckage into a great killing machine! Ready for some action?