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Earn to Die HTML5

Earn to Die

Earn to Die

Earn to Die is an awesome racing game with awesome desert and zombie survival theme. You own a powerful beetle and you have to cross the vast desert – however, the only problem is that you are surrounded by predatory zombies! You can see a rescue helicopter in the distance so you have to drive and dash through the zombies to reach it!
Escape zombies coming in a desert desert land, rely on a variety of vehicles to go as far as possible every day. Upgrade weapons, gas tanks, engines and more to help you escape the undead every day. The more you get, the more money you earn to upgrade your car in the hope of going a little further the next day.
The critical reception for Earn to Die 2 has been mixed and the game holds 63 out of 100 on Metacritic, denoting “mixed or average ratings”. Touch Gamer reviewed the game smoothly and wrote, “With the progress we’ve seen from E2D 1 to E2D 2, I think the future looks bright for this franchise game, and there are Some areas they can pretty smoothly move into

How to play Earn to Die

Initially, you do not go too far because your car is broken when crashing through zombies. For every run you complete however you earn money – you can use this cash to buy upgrades to improve vehicle durability. You can finally buy all-new models and a host of deadly weapons. Can you escape the dry and dangerous desert and achieve your escape transport?
Earn to Die finds you not only driving through zombies, but also allowing you to earn money to upgrade, unlock and customize new vehicles. Is your car not strong enough? Why not add a gun, or boosters, or even a pointed frame?