Electric Man 3 Game

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Electric Man 3 HTML5

Electric Man 3

Electric Man 3

Electric Man 3 is the latest version of the stickmen fighting game, where you must win all the battles to reach the final boss and defeat him. When starting the game, you must choose your color and name. As soon as you start playing, the system will teach you how to fight in a simple short tutorial.
This sequel to the original Electric Man gives you even more combat fun. You will need a combination of martial arts, street fighting and superhuman strength to wipe out your opponent.
There may be no changes and you find part 2 again with a new name but I have read since then I have played this game and now it has minimal fixes and updates like bigger health bar and entrance Smooth play. However, Electrician 3 is a newer version or an older version with a new name, your goal is to defeat the enemy.
You play as a stickman character who can perform various complex combo attacks and destroy many enemies at the same time. Your health bar is at the top of the screen as well as the enemy health bar and your only task is to kill all enemies and win this level. Remember that at the beginning of the game, most enemies are weak and can be killed with some slow-moving attacks, while others are very strong.

How to play Electric Man 3

In this game, you will have to complete 4 different worlds – Replicants, The Frozen, Cirrian Guard and The Toxic10. The most interesting thing about these worlds is that they are completely different, with different enemies and bosses. In some levels, you will have to fight against 3 and even 4 enemies at the same time, it needs a really great fighting skill.
You have to take part in a test battle against some enemies to find game controls and some tricks. The best thing you will surely like is fighting slow motion. You can perform attacks in slow motion, like a great fighting movie. Using slow motion kicks, you can deal massive damage to your enemies.