Electric Man 4 Game

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Electric Man 4 HTML5

Electric Man 4

Electric Man 4

Electric Man 4 is the latest and most popular version of the entire series. When starting the game, you have to choose your name, choose a color and enter the ship room to learn how to control your fighter. Only after this can you join the real tournament and fight against the real evil creatures.
Before entering the game, you can choose your stickman’s name and color and difficulty level (easy, normal or professional). Once you have selected your character, you can complete a tutorial showing you the basic game mechanics and move sets.
A lot of fun is waiting for you – you have to fight against the evil robots that will kill you. Have fun playing the Electric Man 4 game at our site.
Game Electric Man 4 becomes more difficult every time you pass the next level, each level has a slightly different stick, that is the boss, his shots are harder and he has more health. than other enemies.

How to play Electric Man 4

In each battle, you encounter a variety of enemies and you have to use combo moves to defeat them! You can use three different fast movements (A, S & D) and three powerful slow motion movements (Q, W & E). The moves vary depending on whether you are moving and how you face enemies. The variety of moves is amazing and your character can cause some great damage! Slow motion uses up your battery power, it will recover over time, so use these movements sparingly. As you progress, enemies become harder and you must fight quickly and skillfully to persevere!
At the end of the level, you will face a Boss, much stronger and faster. The only way to succeed is to use special moves and avoid enemies.