Electric Shocktopus Game

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Electric Shocktopus HTML5

Electric Shocktopus

Electric Shocktopus

Electric Shocktopus is an incredible cognitive jumping game, in which players will be challenged with all fifteen different difficulty levels and a level editor. In each round, control the electric squid, use its waste, collect three starfish with it, then take it to the destination safely.
The hero shocktopus featured in the game will begin a quest to seek revenge against the Yeti. The hero has this unique ability to change his charge at will. This means that to get past spike and rocket levels, you’ll need to use all the Electromagnetism you’ve forgotten from the physical layer. Coming to the game, you will be a player of the game and you can help the hero zoom through the electric fields, twist through the planted magnets and perform the task little by little.
The game will include all the words: the attraction, thrust, the strange loop will make you scratch your head. The game is based on the actual physical basis of electromagnetism – which means you will eventually become an expert on the subject. Can you successfully complete this science game combining realistic physics with this engaging gameplay? Come to the game immediately and prove to everyone the miracle.

How to play Electric Shocktopus

Coming to the game, players will use the arrow keys to move and jump. You can even jump off walls! The + and – sign indicate the charge area. Press Z in those areas to give yourself a positive charge. Use electromagnetic energy to push yourself away from other positive charges or pull yourself towards negative charges.