Emoticon Defense Game

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Emoticon Defense HTML5

Emoticon Defense

Emoticon Defense

Emoticon Defense is an emoticon defense strategy game and prevents soft-eared beasts and other creatures from crossing your emoticon defense. Buy smileys and put happy emoticons on the map to target and destroy the creeps as they come into range. Level up your tower by adding more weapons as clothing accessories and access your emoticons with the money earned from destroying various creatures. Make sure you prepare for each new wave to quickly stop the enemy coming back.
Invaders are invading your town, using emoticons as the main form of defense. Emoticon Defense is a simple but very nice shooter by quality graphics as well as images. Each level of the player will be given a sum of money, you need to carefully calculate the number and location to buy and place emoticons that match and can destroy all enemies in each occurrence. . Shoot and earn money in Emoticon Defense to upgrade your smileys with accessories, so they become more powerful.
The game is a perfect reminder for those who are looking for a game to relieve stress and busy at leisure. Are you ready to come to the game and conquer every level from easy to difficult of this fun game or not?

How to play Emoticon Defense

Coming to the game, players will not be too difficult as well as awkward to control by simply using your “mouse” to click on the emoticon tower and drag them into the playground. To sell or upgrade an emoji tower, just click on it. You will need to use a lot of math on this one. Good luck!