Epic Battle Fantasy 2 Game

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Epic Battle Fantasy 2 HTML5

Epic Battle Fantasy 2

Epic Battle Fantasy 2

Epic Battle Fantasy 2 is a typical old-style role-playing game. In this Final Fantasy-style turn-based game, you will have to control a warrior and a witch and defeat their enemies. That’s what makes it great and is once again a game suitable for a free day or after stressful working hours. Here, the animations are terribly made and the choice of various attacks and magic is huge. So you fight through different waves of enemies with your team and defeat the boss.
With this comeback, Epic Battle Fantasy 2 brings players a number of changes, especially in point management. Unlike the first version, all points and items are automatically set when the battle begins. You just need to use and combine all the abilities of each warrior to defeat different types of monsters.
Additional attacks and spells increase for each warrior as well as monsters. The animation and graphics are still great, which is a plus for this game because not every game offers it.
The game will have 4 challenging levels as well as giving players exciting experiences:
– Easy mode: Enemies do 20% less damage and have 20% less HP. Play this if you are a noob or do not have much time.
– Normal mode: Standard difficulty. Play this if playing for the first time, probably.
– Hard mode: Enemies do 20% more damage and some have new attacks. Play this if you are too cool for the easier modes.
– Epic mode: Enemies do 40% more damage and have other bonuses. play this if you have no life.

How to play Epic Battle Fantasy 2

With simple, easy-to-play turn-based gameplay, Epic Battle Fantasy 2 is truly a game for those who love games with anime graphics. Let’s Fight your way through waves of enemies using your mouse to control this game.