Epic Battle Fantasy 3 Game

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Epic Battle Fantasy 3 HTML5

Epic Battle Fantasy 3

Epic Battle Fantasy 3

Epic Battle Fantasy 3 is a turn-based fighting RPG that takes players on a giant adventure, unique hand-drawn graphics, gameplay, music and great storylines.
Initially, the monsters that we are tasked to kill are very small, they appear as individual but not singular, because it will continuously one by one fighting a group of 3 members including : Matt, Natalie and Lance don’t have too much time to think and rest. Among these 3 characters, Lance is the most dangerous component because of the ability to shoot guns and explosive weapons.
In order to quickly destroy the monster, gamers need to gain a lot of experience, and quickly upgrade their characters. Besides, we can also upgrade skills, magic and collect or buy additional tools to enhance the combat power.
In addition to the main tasks we can perform to complete the side quests assigned by NPC characters to gain experience points as well as in-game rewards. All rewards will have a certain value such as weapons, explosives or new skills. Even many outstanding, beautiful and stylish outfits will be given after the completion.

Epic Battle Fantasy 3

To control the character in the game you will use the keys A, W, S, D or arrow keys, spacebar (Space) to interact with the tool. Right click and select the corresponding menu to set sound and quality. The M and F keys also open a number of menus.
How to play in part 3 has a lot of new features have been added. Here, players can level up all 3 characters, gain experience and enjoy the new Ability Points system to upgrade a large collection of skills and magic. Equipment can be collected, purchased as well as combined with items to enhance strength and efficiency.