Epic Battle Fantasy 5 Game

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Epic Battle Fantasy 5 HTML5

Epic Battle Fantasy 5

Epic Battle Fantasy 5

Epic Battle Fantasy 5 is a tactical RPG that combines adventure with the mission of becoming a brave hero to destroy monsters and return peace to the world. Epic Battle Fantasy 5 is developed in turn-based adventure role-playing style. Through conversations between characters, battle battles, capture monsters and hunt for treasure, you will discover an extremely interesting world with the holy war 5.
With this game, you will have to fight with more than170 different enemies. Each monster will have its own ability and attack, so to understand their strengths and weaknesses, there is no other way to directly fight and draw lessons for themselves. There will be more than 120 skills and many equipment to apply in each battle.
You can recruit monsters the same way as hunting animals in Pokemon GO. Even monsters can be captured right in battle, including terrible bosses. Besides, with many new mechanisms that simulate weather conditions and authentic cooldown system, set up powerful combos with great damage effects, such as moisture + thunder = heavy damage. At the same time, it lasts for 30 hours with countless battles taking place in dungeons and new challenges.
Besides, Epic Battle Fantasy 5 also gives you a super adorable cast of characters. Make the most of the hero’s power, recruit new monsters to create an invincible squad. An epic, anime-style battle awaits you in Epic Battle Fantasy 5.

Epic Battle Fantasy 5

The game gives players easy and flexible controls to help players feel comfortable and much easier:
– Use arrow keys to move and space bar to interact
– Press J to add money and L for infinite health conversion.