Epic Battle Fantasy Game

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Epic Battle Fantasy HTML5

Epic Battle Fantasy

Epic Battle Fantasy

Epic Battle Fantasy is a special game of the fighting game genre with good and extremely resonant visual effects. Epic Battle Fantasy has attracted many players of different ages by the attractiveness and fun that ns bring. The game tells about two brothers lost in a strange forest, where there are many evil goblins with countless different monstrous shapes. They will be ready to attack at any time, but in the past, they were fortunate to meet magicians and teach them all their fighting skills and swordsmanship, so today your mission is to help them fight. fight the dark forces from the forest.
Epic Battle Fantasy is designed from the perspective of cartoon images with beautiful martial arts tactics. In the process of fighting, players need to think in combination with reasonable tactics, there are times when the need to use strong attacks or sometimes need to heal (heal) to increase the survival rate. After killing the biggest champion in a round, the player is transferred to another round to continue fighting and, of course, they are much stronger. There are many colorful enemies, each with their own attack animation, there are also many interesting bosses to defeat with special weaknesses. In particular, in the game, players are exposed to a lot of English words to further develop their vocabulary. Reward yourself for an enjoyable time to have compelling experiences that help dispel any stress with these dramatic magical battles.

Epic Battle Fantasy

Anyone who is playing a turn-based RPG should find this oneself explanatory.
– Played completely with the mouse
– Select commands from the menus and hence make the enemies die.
– Ye can use the slimes for practice
– In-game help is also available