Epic War 5 Game

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Epic War 5 HTML5

Epic War 5

Epic War 5

Epic War 5 has three heroes with unique stories, 30 units, 70 skills and 30 accessories. Fighting your way to Hellsgate will end the world through 12 main stages, and 8 additional stages and 5 testing stages for additional challenges. Build a large army, build your base defense system and attack the enemy base.
Challenge the mighty gods and warriors in the fierce battle at Hell’s Gate! The game series will begin with the red Viegraff, Queen Etheriea and the Skull Knight. You will have to go through unique journeys with countless spells and each general. Complete quests with magical creatures to stop the end of the world!
The game revolves around summoning creatures and using magic to defeat opponents’ creatures. The goal is to reach the opponent’s castle and destroy it. Winning battle rewards you with gold that you can use to upgrade heroes, units, and spells. There are also six different upgrades for your castle. Levels can be repeated to gain more gold.
First of all, you have to choose your hero, but choose wisely, since everyone has their own special abilities! Use your weapons and magic power to defeat all your enemies, but be sure to play the strategy, a full mission that can get you killed quickly depending on which army you are. fight against.

How to play Epic War 5

Move the camera through the battlefield with the [arrow] keys, use [A] to select all, [S] to select only heroes and [D] to select only units. You can select specific units using [Q] to [O] on the keyboard, and [1] to [6] to allow quick access to your spells. To confirm all hero commands, units and spelling, just press [SPACEBAR].