Epic War 6 Game

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Epic War 6 HTML5

Epic War 6

Epic War 6

Epic War 6 is the latest sequel to Epic War Games. In this game, you control the heroes with their unique army. Train your heroes and unlock their units to conquer all missions across continents. Challenge other players in PVP Arena to show how heroic you are. Feature: 6 heroes & 36 units. 30 stages. PVP arena.
The player’s castle is always on the left of the map, facing the enemy. From here, your goal is to push your army across the battlefield to destroy the castle of the enemy. Your heroes and units automatically spawn, using a timer mechanism with decreasing profits (the longer your heroes die, the longer they will revive). Both heroes and units obey simple movement commands such as “charge” and “retreat”, as well as specific options for specific unit locations.
Players also have a type of magic that plays an important role in influencing the tide of battle; Attack spells like “Thunderbolt” and “Ice Blast” deal damage and scatter enemy units, while defensive abilities like “Healing” and “Shield” bring valuable echoes from overwhelming attack.
There are 5 heroes and 20 different unit types to choose from. You can only equip 3 heroes and 2 unit types per hero at a time. Each hero takes a certain time to breed. While the hero is alive, it will automatically summon units of the two types of units it has equipped until you reach the maximum population of that unit type. You can also choose up to 6 of the 12 available spells.

How to play Epic War 6

Use YOUR MOUSE to navigate the area and select your unit. Use C key to select all units except your hero. Use V KEY to select all units including your hero. Use ESC key to deselect. Use the X key to charge first and the Z key to step back. Use the N KEY to charge selected units and B KEY to withdraw the selected units. Good luck and happy! If you haven’t already, check out other games in the series.