Evowarsio Game

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Evowarsio HTML5



Evowarsio is a fun and exciting fighting game. In this game you have to control a small warrior to destroy the other warriors with a sharp sword. You will meet a lot of enemies who are warriors like you in here, be it the same level with you or someone stronger. After killing the enemy your sword will be bigger, thus allowing you to eliminate more deaths and destruction.

Right from the start you can face many enemies, they are very fast, you need to move very quickly on the map and try to avoid oscillating from them. The bigger the foe you have the more power but it also moves slower. This is an advantage for you.

There are many orbs around you. These orbs come in many different sizes and colors, as you collect those orbs you’ll grow. So try to collect as many orbs.

As you get older, it will be easier to beat your opponents but at the same time your ability to move and react will be slower. Try not to miss any shots, otherwise small enemies can appear next to you very quickly.

In this game there will be many levels for you, with each level, your character grows, changes skin and weapons this is an evolution process, which is a good thing for your character. . Try to dress up all the levels of the game, become the leader in this game.

This game is suitable for a lot of audience ages, now it has been a large number of users.

How to play Evowarsio game

Evowarsio has a very simple way to play, you just need to be agile and pay a little attention to be able to play this game well. Your character is always on the move and you use the mouse to adjust the movement of the character. When encountering an opponent you will attack by left clicking. If the opponent is too strong and you feel that you cannot destroy, right-click to sprint.