Extreme Skate 5000 Game

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Extreme Skate 5000 HTML5

Extreme Skate 5000

Play Extreme Skate 5000 and get ready to jump on your skateboard with Ninja Turtle. Help Mike and the others find their way back before the enemies reach them.

The race down the echoes of the tunnel, but pay attention to the traps and obstacles lurking from the shadows. Finish the race in time challenge in less than 58 seconds and unlock Xtreme racing mode. You will not get traps anymore, the game will become more difficult when you fall into the dark areas of New York.

Take time to collect turtle shields, while avoiding your certain death in the sewer. When you have enough shields, you can use them to upgrade the capabilities of Mondo, Casey or Mike. Mastering new skills and improving strength, agility, Extreme Skate 5000 will help you have a faster, safer trip back home.

How to play

Arrows: move

A: jump

X key: switch